Face to face courses

We have been running face to face professional development courses since 2005, and this will continue!

Balance & Motor Control - Advanced Clinical Reasoning (2 days)

This advanced clinical reasoning course allows participants to explore a deeper level of knowledge on balance and motor control to develop rehabilitation plans for complex cases in areas of vestibular & neurological rehabilitation. The course includes practical demonstrations, assessments & plenty++ of treatment ideas!

Assessment & management of the dizzy patient – Accredited Vestibular Course (2-days)

We make learning vestibular assessment easy & fun. In 2 days, we will ensure you are confident in assessing people presenting to your clinic with dizziness. Our extensive experience ensures we prioritise the most common clinical presentations of dizziness and allow you to assess, treat and refer promptly. 

Balance & Motor Control – Practical (1-day)

(*Must have completed Motor Control concepts for training online)
• Top to Toe Balance & Postural Control
• Common clinical presentations
• Balance strategies part 1
• Balance strategies part 2
• Motor control & training
• Training designs – ‘movement super coaching’

Accredited Vestibular Course – Practical (1-day)

(*Must have completed Assessing the Dizzy Patient in General Practice Online)
• Assessment checklist
• Comprehensive BPPV checklist
• Vestibular Rehabilitation Toolbox
• Advancing Vestibular Rehabilitation – migraine, concussion, persistent dizziness & more…

Onsite support & training.

Dr James McLoughlin can provide a tailor-made education, supervision and/or Q and A sessions to help facilitate and update clinical practice in neurological or vestibular rehabilitation. This includes clinical areas such as stroke, Parkinson’s, balance/falls, Multiple Sclerosis, mobility, concussion, dizziness, motor control or case discussion to help with complex or challenging presentations.
Please contact us at [email protected] to let us know what might best suit your workplace/team and see what we can help with.

Upcoming face to face courses

Keep an eye out for upcoming face to face course near you. Get in touch with us at [email protected] if you would like to organise a course at your workplace.

Assessment & Treatment of the Dizzy (2-day Accredited)

Port Macquarie Base Hospital May 28/29 2022


On-site training

RDNS Park Holme, SA.

All day. Sept 29th 2022.


Balance & Motor Control - Advanced Clinical Reasoning (2 days)


February 11/12, 2023.

Northern Beaches Rehabilitation 2/54 Glen Street,
Belrose NSW 2085

$770 AUD (Includes GST)

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Assessment & Treatment of the Dizzy (2-day Accredited)

Newcastle, NSW

April 29/30 2023

NeuroAlliance, 1 Poynton Place, Thornton NSW, 2322

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