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Assessment & Treatment of the Dizzy Patient (2-day Accredited)

April 29/30, 2023.

 NeuroAlliance, 1 Poynton Place, Thornton NSW, 2322

$770 AUD (Includes GST)

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Stroke upper limb recovery. How do the 10 movement Training Principles help?

Live & recorded 

Register for this webinar. We discuss how the 10-MTPs might help your clinical reasoning within upper limb rehabilitation. This is a lecture followed by a Q and A session.

(90 minutes total)

Recording available

The 10 Movement Training Principles

Free Webinar

What are they and why are the so important? Register for this FREE webinar where we discuss the deep questions!

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FREE LECTURE. Parkinson's & Exercise - a motor control framework

Motor control theories that explain how many types of exercise benefit people with Parkinson's Disease. Current knowledge & future directions.....



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Assessing the Dizzy Patient in General Practice (Online)

Now available!

Efficient, evidence based, 4-stage dizziness assessment for GPs or Physiotherapists to use in the clinic or home.

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Positional vertigo - a comprehensive guide to treatment (Online)

Now available!

A complete & comprehensive guide to treatment. Gain confidence & competence in treating all types of Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV). Recognise & manage other types of positional vertigo too.

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Comprehensive Management of Concussion - Online course

(Coming April 2023)

A complete update on the latest in evidence based care for concussion. We cover physiology, diagnosis, acute care and include practical steps for best practice rehabilitation and multimodal interventions for persisting symptoms.



Motor Control - concepts for training (Online)

(coming soon)

Theory & concepts from the very popular Balance & Motor Control course. Use neuroscience, motor control theories & movement science to enhance skills in rehabilitation & training.

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Face to Face

Accredited Vestibular Training

1 Day Prac* OR  2-Day theory & Prac

* Must have completed the online course 'Assessing the Dizzy Patient in General Practice'

Balance & Motor Control

1 Day Prac** OR 2-Day Concepts & Prac

** Must have completed the online course 'Motor Control - concepts for Training'

On-site Training

Customized support*, teaching, supervision, Q&A.

* Contact us to discuss possible options that best suits your needs.

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About Advanced Neuro Education

Advanced Neuro Education has designed courses to meet the needs of clinicians who are looking to accelerate their knowledge & skills to improve outcome for their patients. Our courses are short and easily accessible for the busy clinician and include both online and face to face options. We cover topics that cover both theoretical and practical knowledge, with interesting information that you can use immediately in clinical practice. At ANE we have experience in both professional development and university teaching and research, but more importantly we have over 50 years of collective clinical experience! We therefore understand the growing need to provide efficient usable information in addition to support, advice and professional mentorship. Informative webinars and blogs will also be provided to support a broad community of practice.


Dr James McLoughlin

James is Director of Advanced Neuro Rehab - neurological & vestibular rehabilitation private clinics in Adelaide South Australia. James has degrees in both Physiotherapy (University of South Australia) and Clinical Neuroscience (Queen Square, University College London). James has always had a strong interest in helping people with neurological & vestibular disorders, with an additional fascination with how the brain & central nervous system controls and learns movement. James has been involved in research into human balance, vestibular function, motor control and gait. He completed a PhD in 2015 at the University of New South Wales that examined the effects of fatigue on balance and gait in people with Multiple Sclerosis. James set up the Neurological Physiotherapy masters program at Flinders University and has been a part-time academic at Flinders University since 2006. He continues his academic role as an Associated Professor where he remains a part-time clinical teaching specialist. James has been involved in running and developing many professional development courses worldwide since 2005.  In 2022 James launched Advanced Neuro Education, a website that links to online and face to face courses, and provides webinars, blogs and professional coaching and mentorship.

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